Kolin’s decentralised exchange

Trading between peers is one of the most outstanding features that cryptocurrency offers. Although this is a great feature and has become extremely needed for interacting in the crypto world, centralized exchanges are constantly under attack due to the high-volume transactions that they carry out. For improving security and grant an opportunity to common users and new adopters, Kolin will include its own decentralized exchange, this will use common features present in a centralized exchange but at the same time will benefit from the atomic swap characteristic that Waves technology grants.

Peer to peer transactions, where no intermediates are needed and transactions are performed directly between peers or with the funds allocated for this purpose, will be integrated on the Kolin DEX. Kolin platform will integrate the outperforming charting technology from Tradingview (license already acquired) together with the trading orderbooks that Waves technology grant for generating a high-level exchange. Tradingview charting technology is already working in the Kolin platform code and a test site can be found at https://kolin.io/exchange

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