Kolin Private

Kolin’s functionality includes two principal areas, a private and a public section. In Kolin private any person from any part of the world will be able to upload a document and ask for translation to specialized or native speakers. Standardized and automated quotations will be performed considering word cound and complexity of the work to be performed. A quotation/payment demo can be found at https://kolin.app.

Thereafter the user will use the Kolin payment API that will generate a bill considering data calculated during quotation. Thereafter, user will be able of generating the payment in Kolin via blockchain or cancel the transaction. After payment confirmation, the user will be able to upload its document and allocate it to one of the Kolin certified translators. Translator will accept the work within deadlines specified and will start the translation. After finishing, document will be sent to a moderator which will confirm a proper translation and will authorize the document delivery back to the user (peer reviewed translation). Translator’s work will be payed in Kolin considering word count, translation difficulty, speed, and accuracy. Final user will be able of tip the translator if satisfied by its work.

Kolin Platform private functionality

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