8 billion Kolin were created on June 20th, 2018 on the waves decentralised network (asset ID FiKspxSpkpzT4pMUA9ccZkbJmVXTdu4JhFDXNNXr5noW), representing 1 Kolin per current world inhabitant approximately. These Kolin are non-reissuable and will be distributed as follow:

  • Two billion Kolin freeze on the waves mainnet network until 20th of Jun 2020 (2 years), corresponding to the team share. A 20% of the team share (400 million Kolin) will be distributed among community managers that will be working for the platform.

  • One billion Kolin is being sold on the Waves Decentralised Exchange (DEX) (\) since 2nd July 2018. The sale was performed in a novel IPSO format (see IPSO Details section).

  • 500 million Kolin are being distributed on diverse sale stages as bonuses and also in airdrops and bounties performed ( see Airdrop & Bounties section).

-Two billion Kolin reserved for the Platform automated reward functionality (see Ecosystem section).

  • A billion Kolin will be sold on the Kolin DEX once functional.

  • One billion Kolin to be sold after IPSO on centralized exchanges

  • 500 million Kolin reserved for advisors.

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