Waves technology

Although Ethereum is the predilect and must trustworthy chain for coin developing, it presents a few issues that the Waves network overcome. Firstly, Waves does not need a gas fee for processing transactions, instead uses fixed fees of 0.001 Waves per transaction performed, which could be even lower when mass transactions are added in to the same block. This feature becomes a benefit for the final user, as transaction fees are low cost and not as variable as in other mainnets, being in concordance with Kolin’s inclusiveness goal.

Waves chain is much faster and stable than many other chains, processing transactions in seconds instead of minutes. Due to it works with a PoS algorithm rather than PoW, used by common coins such as BTC or ETH, granting more chain stability and increasing the numbers of transactions processed simultaneously (up to 100 transactions per second). Additionally, as in PoS extensive mining is not needed Kolin functionality will be more eco-friendly.

Third, Waves allows integration on their DEX platform, which goes in our same path with our novel Initial Public Sale Offering (IPSO) format, allowing to carry out a sale process in a completely transparent way for the investors and users.

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