Executive Summary

Kolin born as an acronym from the Esperanto "Konscienco Lingvo" that translated into English means "Conscious Language". Kolin will be the principal asset exchanged within the Platform, which in turn will become the first decentralised centre for translation and information exchange. Users from all over the world will be able to request services to specialised translators, by using the Kolin currency for paying via the blockchain. Integration of the Kolin cryptocurrency will help to shorten language barriers between peers within a user-friendly environment.

The platform includes a Private and a Social section, which by working in parallel will generate a coin re-circulation cycle. The private section will work with specialized and certified translators offering their service and knowledge for translating, i,e, private documents, in a completely confidential and secure way. Prices used in the private section will be standardised regarding complexity and word count, generating standard prices but also personalised quotations for each work performed. Translators will be paid in Kolin for their work, including bonuses for speed and accuracy.

Conversely, the Social section will work in a completely public format. Information requested will be added into a listing vote and once the community agrees to a request, volunteers will work translating the agreed community petition. Translation will not only be performed into different languages but also from technical to non-technical language. Volunteers working in the Social section will be rewarded in Kolin by the simplicity level achieved, accuracy and word count.

People working on either the Social or Private sections will be ranked regarding the number of works performed, the number of words translated, accuracy & simplicity level achieved. Different user levels are included in the Kolinplatform functionality, named as moderators, writers, reviewers, translators and members.

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