Founders Message

While more you interact with people from different cultures parts of their stories become part of your own. Each individual is unique, and cultures are mixes of these unique people, that is why language is an essential component of the society functionality. Instead of trying to create a universal language, Kolin offers an alternative solution where International interaction is possible and cultures preserved. Kolin will be the first decentralised centre for translation and information exchange. Kolin’s users will help each other via language decoding, either simplifying technical language or translating between different languages. Therefore, Kolin will become a strong weapon on the fight for generating a more inclusive world.

Millions of brilliant minds struggle daily for not having access to information in their native language and/or give up because technical information is not published in an understandable format. Considering that creativity increases in intercultural groups, this decentralized platform will be a game changer as uses technology for benefiting human interaction and considers interculturality its core feature.

In Kolin, we consider that Education must be considered a universal right and should not be an obstacle dividing people from one another. Knowledge exchange will be carried out within the Kolin platform via peer-to-peer interaction. For example, a person from Toronto could ask someone from Mumbai to translate a document in their native language and vice-versa avoiding distance limitations. Here Blockchain technology plays a key role, allowing automated and borderless payment methods, making this international transaction possible in a simple and user-friendly way.

Technology must be used for fomenting human interaction and not vice versa, thus, Kolin is focused on the user needs rather than in the product itself. “The future of work is less about technology and more about the meaning we find within it” Ben Hammersley.

Felipe A. Millacura

CEO & Co-Founder

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