Kolin as a translation platform

In order to create a borderless payment method that could overcome the international payment issue, a total of 8 bn Kolin were created in the Waves decentralised network, making reference to 1 coin per current world inhabitant.

Furthermore, the platform will contain a social branch that will allow to any person to register in order to help with the translation of information from a technical to a more generic language, allowing common users to have access to technical knowledge in a more understandable format. Volunteers working on the Kolin's social branch will be also rewarded with the Kolin asset for their work. Therefore, Kolin will become the leader cryptocurrency with a peer-to-peer integrated payment that will allow people from different nationalities and education levels to interact, share knowledge and make business without an actual language barrier.

KOLIN's platform will start with the three principal languages (Chinese, Spanish and English) and will be expanded to include Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, French, German and Japanese.

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