Kolin was created on the decentralised Waves network.

Name: Kolin


Decimals: 2

Issue date: June 20th, 2018

Mainnet: Waves platform

Currency type: PoS

Reissuable: NO

Algorithm: Bitcoin-NG

The total Kolin supply is 8,000,000,000 what refers to ~1 Kolin per current World inhabitant. The sale was structured to have as many people as possible investing in a fair manner, therefore, we created a novel totally public sale mechanism that we call Initial Public Sale Offering (IPSO). A 25% of the total Kolin supply (2 billion) will be sold using this mechanism, hence, there is no need for pre or private sale because everything is public and is currently running. We have a low soft cap 800K USD, and a hard cap of 8 million USD. You can find further information about the sale mechanics either in our website, on this Steem article or in the IPSO sale section on this document.

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